Mon.    Cheeseburgers, tater tots, green beans, oranges, and milk

Tues.     Chicken sliders, mac & cheese, green peas, pears, and milk

Wed.    Meatloaf w/gravy, pinto beans, creamed potatoes, biscuits, peaches, and milk

Thurs.    Bologna & cheese sandwiches, raw veggies w/dip, french fries, pineapple, and milk

Fri.        Meatball subs, baked beans, chips, banana pudding, and milk


                  AM                                               PM

Mon.    Honeynut Cheerios                   Oatmeal cookies

Tues.    Bagels w/jelly                              Cheese puffs

Wed.    Poptarts                                        Trail mix                

Thurs.  Rice krispy treats Assorted cookies

Fri.        Kix cereal                                      Variety