Jan. 6-10

Mon.     Meatloaf, green beans, cream potatoes, pineapple, and milk

Tues.     Chicken quesadillas, pinto beans, rice, pears, and milk

Wed.     Fish nuggets, green peas, tater tots, Applesauce, and milk   

Thurs.    Eggs, bacon, toast, grits, peaches, & milk

Fri.         Tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwich,  fruit, & milk


                  AM                                               PM

Mon.    Cereal bars                                     Veggie straw

Tues.    Cinnamon toast                           Assorted cookies   

Wed.    Honeynut cheerios                      Goldfish   

Thurs.   Blueberry muffins                        Teddy Grahams

 Fri.        Variety                                          Variety