Thanks for registering for Camp Deer Lake! We have been praying that this would be the best, most impactful week of your life! We have planned exciting, fun activities to keep you busy throughout the day. But more important than all the fun, we want you to enjoy spending time in chapel, daily Bible reading and devotions, and discovering real happiness in Jesus!

Below are some important details to help you know what to expect at arrival.

Camp officially starts at 2:00 pm. Final registration opens on Monday at 12:30 pm. The first meal we serve is supper on Monday night. Please feed your camper before arrival.

When you first enter the Camp, please stop by the signed building known as the Snack Shop. The snack shop is a hub of activity so please be careful when driving through the property! Remember there may be kids at play!

This year we are working to speed up your registration faster than ever.

If you are travelling with a church group, your group leader can check in a the snack shop to take care of any last minute corrections or add additional campers. If you have collected registration balances or snack shop expenses from your campers, please submit at this time. If you have not collected those balances, that is ok! We can handle registering your campers individually and set up snack shop spending accounts at the same time. Any unused snack shop expenses will be returned to your campers prior to departure. Also, please turn in your all camper medications at this time along with permission to administer medication forms. (Parents can submit this form in advance using our online form at:

If you are arriving as an individual, your parent can check in at the snack shop to complete your registration process. You are welcome this year to include snack shop expenses in the same payment to settle registration balance. Please have your campers turn in all medications at this time along with permission to administer medication forms. (Parents can submit this form in advance using our online form at:

Since we will not be serving snacks from the snack shop during registration, you can sit tight or hang outside the snack shop momentarily so we can give your group leader your dormitory assignment.

Once cleared, head down to your designated dormitory to find your bunk. We do not assign beds, so you are free to pick any open bunk you chose. As a courtesy, please keep your belonging on your bunk so that other arriving campers may know which beds are available.

After you have your bunk secured, you are welcome to hang out at the locations in clear view of the snack shop: gymnasium, activity field, or putt-putt course. Please do not go down to the lake or pool area. Remain in sight of the snack shop!

Camp will start at 2:00 p.m. All campers and counselors will meet in the chapel for special instructions. This will be the last time Junior campers and teen campers will be together until departure.