Why should I attend?

Surveys indicate most people who come to faith in Christ do so between the ages of 8-18.  Our camp setting seeks to provide an environment that frees campers in this age group from the distractions of everyday life so that they can focus clearly on God and His Word.  Each week of summer ministry we see campers enter into the life changing relationship with Jesus Christ.  For other campers who already know Christ as Savior, our program encourages Godly character and growth through targeted Bible Studies and sound Bible preaching.

What do you consider to be a distinctive of your camp program? 

God’s Word!  Our program is designed to have campers intensively interact with the Bible each day.  Each week we lead campers through an entire book of the Bible  four times.  Daily Bible reading program (1); Prepared daily devotions (2); Daily Bible quizzing (3); Scripture Memorization (4).  Campers also attend morning and evening chapel services centered on instruction from God’s Word.

Can I expect any other activities?

Camp Deer Lake campers may enjoy many athletic activities at our indoor/outdoor courts. These activities include basketball, volleyball, beach volleyball, soccer, softball, kickball.  For those seeking a slower pace, we have a 9 hole miniature golf course, and a full 18 hole frisbee golf course.  Lake activities include canoeing, fishing, and water slide.  Separate swim times for boys and girls are enjoyed in our 57,000 gallon swimming pool.  Table games are available in the camp snack shop.  For those campers seeking something extra, our go-cart track or paintball course are available as well.

What should I bring?

Campers should plan on bringing  the following items:  Bedding, pillow, towels, toiletries, Bible, notebook, pen, sports clothes and shoes for outdoor activities, water shoes, spending money for the snack shop, insect repellant, sunscreen, flashlight, fishing gear and tackle (if desiring to fish), and Casual Dress clothes for evening services encouraged.

We ask that  LADIES / GIRLS may wear modest fitting, knee-length  dresses, skirts, culottes or walking shorts, pants/slacks  permitted. Modest blouses, t-shirts and sport shirts are requested.  One-piece swimsuits and water shoes are appropriate for swim time.  Please do not bring tank tops, blouses with spaghetti straps, midriff baring t-shirts, low cut style tops,  low rise pants, or mid thigh shorts.

MEN / BOYS may wear jeans, sweats, or knee-length shorts. T-shirts and collared shirts requested.  Please DO NOT wear shorts (above knee length), biker shorts, tank tops, or sleeveless shirts.  Water shoes recommended for all swim activities.

Should I send a cellular phone with my child?

Parents often choose to send a cellular phone with their child to camp in the event of “home sickness.”  Experience reveals cellular phone use actually encourages home sickness in the camper.  We request campers leave cellular phones at home.  Parents, family and friends are welcomed to send postal mail letters and care packages to their camper.  We encourage campers to send mail home daily, too!

What is combination week?

Each summer we offer a combination week, featuring two separate camps for junior (ages 8-12) and teen (ages 13-18) campers.  Separate schedules run for junior and teen campers meaning separate sleeping accommodations, meal times, activities, team competitions, and chapel services with separate chapel speakers.  Both camps operate independent of one another, which means junior and teen campers remain separate from the other group.

How do I sign up?

Please give us a call at 336-228-7801, or use our camper or counselor online registration form form more information.