AMRS incorporates an academic program with our playschool.  From the two-year-old group through the K4 group we have a period of academic instruction.  We use the A Beka Book Curriculum.

In our two-year-old playschool, the curriculum introduces the letters of the alphabet and number concepts from one through ten.  

Our three-year-old playschool introduces number concepts one through fifteen as well as the sounds of the vowels and consonants.  Children will enjoy learning as they trace the shapes of the letters and numbers with their fingers.

Part of the instruction in our K4 introduces number concepts and the writing of numbers from one to twenty. The children will enjoy counting the number sheets and coloring the pictures.  The children will be taught phonics.  They will concentrate on the following areas:  short and long vowel sounds, simple consonant sounds, blending of consonants and vowels, and words containing one and two vowels.