Bernice johnson

AMBC sent out the first missionary from our church in the early years of our ministry. Bernice Johnson relocated to AMBC in answer to the call to Haiti. Her full monthly support: $40 USD. That doesn’t sound like very much, but in contrast to the people she served Bernice felt the amount afforded her a comfortable life on the field.

Bernice, a registered nurse, worked in a mercy clinic offering medicine for physical ailments and Scriptures for spiritual needs. Her heart especially went out to abandoned children often left by families on the roadside rather than seeking free help for severe health needs.

Bernice served on her field as long as her health lasted. She returned to the US to AMBC in her retirement years. As her health, eyesight and hearing failed her, she remained passionate about her Haitian ministry.

“I know my eyesight has been gone for a long time, but still every time I close my eyes I see the people of the land that needs me. I long to be back there. I did what I could.”

Bernice passed away March 10, 2014. Before her passing she recorded her memories of Haiti. This is her story.