Hi! My name is Brandon and I am a follower of Jesus.

Thanks for taking a moment to find out more about Andrews Memorial.

Jesus met me just before lunch one Sunday. That morning in a small country church, a visiting speaker spoke on hell. His words were direct and pointed about my eternal destiny–lost, hopeless, and in need of a Savior. No one had ever talked to me so bluntly. That was a lot for a young boy to process. But not too much for Jesus. That afternoon in the kitchen at home I asked Jesus to forgive and save me.

Jesus called me to follow him in vocational service when I was in high school. Not knowing how or where He would need me, He used college to equip me for future ministry and introduce me to my wife, Melina.

Melina met me at college in Florida. I don’t remember who first noticed who in the class room that day. I like to say she noticed me first, but it was certainly the grace of God that brought us together. We married after graduate school.

Melina and I settled in Burlington. Jesus led us to Andrews Memorial Baptist Church. We both served in children’s and youth ministry while I studied in seminary. Many hours of hard work, long summers at Camp Deer Lake, but every moment worth knowing this was where He led me.

Today, Jesus uses me as the pastor of Andrews Memorial Baptist Church.

Consider joining us for our next worship service. Then come. Let’s follow Jesus together.